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Developers: please use sslverify = true

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Often WordPress is being used to talk to external gateways or API’s. Especially now, with the uprising popularity of the REST API WordPress is getting more and more ready to talk to the outside world. A fairly common practice is to set sslverify = false when you’re using functions like wp_remote_get() or wp_remote_post (). Even though this was common practice… Read more »

Repair a broken plugin after upgrading

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As we all know, updating your WordPress site is important. Not just the core, but also the installed plugins and theme’s. Usually this goes well. Sometimes it doesn’t. Plugins that fail to update properly can cause all kinds of problems. Mostly white screens, in either the front-end or the dashboard of your website. If it really was the upgrade that… Read more »

Stuck in maintenance mode? This is how you fix it!

Every now and then you get updates for your WordPress site. A shiny notification that awaits you after logging on to the dashboard. Usually you can just click the notification link and after a short time you’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress. Sometimes however, things don’t go that smoothly. Whether you’ve accidentally closed your browser, or something went… Read more »

Links on a WP site don’t work on Safari

Lately some people are complaining that their WordPress install doesn’t work properly on their Mac. Of course I blame Apple for that, but this time there is also something you can do about this yourself. To fix this issue take the following steps: Log on to your WP back-end Go to General Settings Locate the WordPress Address and Site Address… Read more »

Setting up WordPress permalinks on IIS 8

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Setting up WordPress permalinks on IIS 8 is pretty straightforward. If you know what you’re doing of course. In this post I’ll show you how to set this up using the rewrite module on IIS. For those that don’t want to know how this works, but just want the end-result: at the end of the post you’ll find a working… Read more »