Stuck in maintenance mode? This is how you fix it!

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Every now and then you get updates for your WordPress site. A shiny notification that awaits you after logging on to the dashboard. Usually you can just click the notification link and after a short time you’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress. Sometimes however, things don’t go that smoothly. Whether you’ve accidentally closed your browser, or something went wrong with the actual update process doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re stuck in maintenance mode. All your website is showing on its front-end is the grim message:

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

Is all hope lost? Do you have to start over again with your site? No! Fixing this is actually quite easy, if you know how to.

So, what is this maintenance mode? Whenever you perform an update WordPress will block the site for visitors. This way they won’t be bothered with ugly errors from updating. And this also ensures the visitors won’t block any parts of the updating process by just being on your site. After the update is complete WordPress will remove the blockade and visitors can see your site again. If something goes really wrong, the update process will halt. Because of this, the block placed is not removed. Leaving you with a site in maintenance mode.

Now, lets fix the issue at hand. Most of the time your site is actually working fine. It’s just telling everybody that it’s undergoing maintenance. This is triggered by a single file, in the root of your website. It’s name is .maintenance and it’s actually empty. To fix your website you’ll need to do just one thing: delete it! Yes, all you have to do is simply delete this little file. After that you should be having a up and working website again.