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Fixing your WordPress menu – the hard way

Lately some people are complaining about their menus that suddenly stop functioning. Only the first option shows and the mouse-over effect doesn’t seem to work. This seems to happen to all kind of WordPress theme’s. For example Photocrati users are complaining about this. In this post I’ll show you how to work around this, the hard and ugly way.

Using outbound rewrite rules to offload your content on IIS 8

Recently a colleague of mine wrote an article on setting up a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This made me experiment a bit with some IIS settings. It is possible to set up IIS to rewrite all outgoing requests in such a way that your static content (e.g. images, style-sheets, etc) will be downloaded from a separate location. The main benefit… Read more »

Nice site on standards

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Every now and then you find a site worth mentioning. Here’s one: This site is supported by most of the IT industry’s big players and is aiming to provide a platform for developers to share and exchange ideas about web-standards. Right now there is still a lot of information missing. In the next few months this should change, thanks… Read more »